A Helpful List Of Smart Gadgets To Help You Work From Home

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Working from home has become one of the most popular work setups today. With the need to practice social distancing, having to work at home is the safest option for many employees. Not only does this protect them from health risks, but it also allows them to respond to different situations at home.

The work-from-home setup is also mainly explored because of the continuous innovation in tech and gadgets that are widely accessible in the market today. In a data by Owl Labs, it was revealed that 18% of the workforce work remotely. That is almost two in every ten professionals working. 

While working in the comforts of your home shows promising benefits on flexibility and productivity, one of the biggest obstacles employees face is having to deal with the technical aspects that come with it. This is mostly true for older generations who are not experienced in utilizing different gadgets to work.

Because changes in lifestyle and work environment are inevitable impacts of remote work, having the right tools and resources to be able to adapt to these changes is important. Being able to be comfortable with these changes can lead to improvement in productivity as well as boost your overall performance.

Overall, the right gadgets coupled with hard work will produce the best results for any work that you do.

To give you a headstart, here are some smart gadgets that can help you work effectively at home:

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Ever since “notebooks” were popularized by Apple in the early 2000s, laptops have become a popular choice for productivity among students and professionals. Compared to desktops, where everyone was used to, laptops are flexible and allows portability. So, work is possible just about everywhere you are.

Most laptops can last up to at least 5 years which means that you are getting a lot for your money since you have a variety of affordable options too! After all, the number one thing you need in a remote work setup is a reliable device that can help you manage your tasks and laptops are your best bet. 


From team meetings to client meetings, communication is important; and it has to be clear and unobstructed. If you live in a space that is shared with other people, headphones are important to protect your privacy as well as your own professional space. This is important in separating your personal and professional life.

Other residential areas can also be in noisy environments – construction works, chickens, toddlers, dogs – these can all be distracting in meetings. Thanks to headphones with noise cancellation features, you can now keep your calls uninterrupted.


Power outages and technical issues are some of the unavoidable problems that commonly arise when you are working from home. And although these situations are normal, they can greatly affect your work and productivity. You can miss presenting a proposal, closing a deal, or an urgent meeting. And in the corporate setting, these are a no-no.

Having a backup device where you can continue your work is important in making sure that you are meeting deadlines as well as important tasks.

Prepaid Wi-fi

Speaking of the importance of a backup, having an alternative source of internet connection is probably one of the smartest things you can do to remain productive in situations where your connection is malfunctioning. And although making some calls to your service provider for troubleshooting is the more common solution, being prepared and having a prepaid wi-fi ready can save you time.

Not only does a prepaid wi-fi serve as a lifesaver at work, but you can also use it outdoors when you plan to travel and keep yourself connected with your friends and loved ones.


Living in the 21st-century generation is close to impossible without a smartphone. Connectivity is one of the main facets of today’s society and smartphones make this easier and faster. From answering calls to answering emails, the things that are essential to communication in both personal and professional settings can be done with a smartphone.

Gone are the days when phones are only used for calls and texts. Smartphones today are built with versatility that allows users to be productive with them as well. You can now type your documents, view and transfer files, mark calendars, or even install applications that can help with work greatly. This just shows a smartphone is a compact gadget that will provide you the tools you need to keep your workdays manageable.

Power Bank

Gadgets such as tablets and smartphones are only useful when working. And when power outages occur and you are left with no batteries on any of them, your work can be interrupted which can lead to issues if you are dealing with critical projects.

While serious technical issues are forgivable, some situations can lead to irreversible outcomes that can severely impact you and the people you work with. Keeping a power bank in case of emergency will help you to not only finish work undisturbed but also keep in touch with your loved ones.

Key Takeaway

Working from home is one of the rising modes of work as technology is becoming more and more integrated into systems and processes among companies. And as much as remote work looks promising because of the flexibility it offers employees, preparation is needed to make it work.

Familiarization in the nature of work as well as knowledge on the appropriate tools to help work become more efficient are also important things to keep in mind. Technology can be intimidating, especially coming from a generation or an upbringing where you did not grow up with it.

Because of the abundance of gadgets that come in different uses, you now have the access to ones that can be bought at an affordable price point, or with great deals you won’t be able to resist too!

And so, by taking note of the essentials such as laptop, headphones, tablet, prepaid wi-fi, smartphone, and power bank, you will get to have a headstart on making remote work effective and productive for you without hurting your pocket.

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