Android against iPhone Which is the Better?

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The amount of personalization Google offers isn’t always precise, but it provides irresistible content in the News Feed display on Android phones.

Storage: Android vs. iOS

Store for files in iPhone X vs. Google Pixel 3XL

The more time we spend on our smartphones the more crucial the storage issue becomes. So it’s not surprising that the top smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S10+ and the iPhone Xs and Samsung Galaxy S10+ are available with 512GB versions – which is just half the size of regular laptops.

But, the cost of these high-end phones won’t be affordable for everyone and that’s why cloud storage is important to backup content that is generated like videos and images and files. (Apps are saved on devices in each of the OSes.)

iPhones include an iCloud account as well as a minuscule 5GB of free storage which can be shared across all devices on your iOS devices. If you’re making photos or videos using two devices, like your tablet and iPhone for instance the speed is quick. If you exceed 5GB, your most recent photos or videos are deemed to be priority in iCloud and the remainder disappearing out of your storage online. The photos or videos are then saved to your device, so that at some point, you’ll also become full. $0.99/month per 50GB of storage as well as $3.99/month per month for 200GB.

Android phones On the other hand provide unlimited photo storage via Google Drive (photos are compressed but of sufficient quality for web-based publishing, as well as small hardcopy prints) and 15 GB of storage space that is available to Google Drive files and full-resolution photographs. Pixel users also have unlimited photo storage to store high-quality photos. If you require additional storage, you could purchase a Google One membership and pay starting at $1.99/month per 100GB. $2.99/month in 200 GB or $9.99/month for 2TB. This can be divided among five members of the family. Samsung galaxy A52 price in Nigeria is reasonable compared to similar featured models. It is easy to find new and refurbished Tecno pouvoir 2 pro by visiting genuine and authorized sites.

The winner is Android Android wins for its unlimited space for photos and a generous amount of storage space for free.

But, free services as the old saying in tech usually are paid for through the use of data by users. If you’re worried about the data Google gathers on your personal information, you might want to pay for iCloud (or be careful about backing up your iPhone frequently to the HDD).

The Smartwatch is compatible with iOS and Android

Things have changed after the Apple Watch was the only viable option for a smartwatch. Android Wear, the operating system behind smartwatches that are compatible together with Android phones, has an extensive selection of apps that track the weather, fitness and more. In addition, the latest Samsung initiatives like Watch Active and Galaxy watch Galaxy Watch and Watch Active are a step up from the Apple Watch in style and the comfort aspects.

Additionally, at $199, this Watch Active compares favourably to the $399 Apple Watch and even the $329 Galaxy Watch (though this more classic, luxurious-looking model also features a rotating bezel as well as an impressive battery longevity). (Note that watches running Android Wear will work with the majority of iPhones; however, Apple Watches only work with iPhones.)

Winner: Tie. You’ll want a smartwatch that best matches your phone. This means Apple Watch for iPhone owners as well as Android Wear for Android phone owners.

But, all said and done, Apple has stated that it is working towards the goal of making Apple Watch more independent from the iPhone and could mean it could be an alternative to Android customers in the near near future.

Affordability: Android phones vs. iPhones

Another side effect of the constant technological advancements of new phones especially the flagship models has been the constant increase of their prices. It’s true that the iPhone 7 is currently Apple’s entry-level phone, priced at $449. And the most expensive iPhone Xs Max clocks in at $1,099 for the base 64GB version (remember the discussion about storage above) and a hefty $1,449 for the massive 512GB model.

Winner: Android. There’s a wide range of brands and prices to select the best Android phone, which gives you more options to scale up or down for future phones.

However, Apple’s only budget phone is the iPhone SE, available at a clearance price of $249.

Parental Controls: Android vs. iOS

Android as well as iOS parental controls

Parental controls have advanced on both Android (shown right above) as well as iOS (shown over) devices. Both come with restrictions on content by age, as well as the capability to restrict access to download applications and purchase purchases with parental consent and also limit time by app categories, category of app and the time of the day. You can track the amount of time your child is spending on their smartphone and the amount of time they spend on each category and app. You can also see what time they’re using their smartphones. Do you have a child who is playing on Snapchat in the early hours of 1AM? You’ll be able to tell.

The main distinction is that the controls are primarily located on the child’s phone for an iPhone as well as on the parent’s device on Android phones. Additionally, for iPhones, parents have to own either an iPhone or Mac to establish an account for their child. Once the account for the child is created parents can only monitor the usage of their child via the internet.

On Android smartphones, the entire configuration and management of parental controls is done via the Family Link application that is available on iOS as well as Android. Once parental controls have been set up parents are able to access their accounts from anywhere.

Winner: Android. Although the two iOS and Android offer decent parent controls, it’s more beneficial to keep those controls on the device of the parent rather than the child’s.

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