Best WordPress WooCommerce Payment Gateways for your Store

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If you are running an online store and have no idea what payment gateways are and why they are important for your business, this blog is for you. 

Also, if you are looking for the WooCommerce payment gateways for your online store, then this blog is also for you. Keep on reading; you will get a perfect resolution here!

What is a Payment Gateway?

Payment gateway is a service especially for online merchants to transfer and receive payments around the world. Connect any payment gateway to your website and start accepting payments without any hassle. It does not require any core technical knowledge, simple configuration and is easy to use. 

Who Uses Online Payments?

People who mostly use online payments are listed below with a brief description.

  1. The Buyer (Merchant): An individual or a company selling/offering products or services to people. 
  2. The Purchaser (Customer): An individual or a company who wishes to purchase goods by making transactions from their debit or credit card.
  3. The Bank (Customer’s Issuer): The bank provides you with a credit or debit card. 
  4. The Appropriator (Acquirer): Finance services that pass the transactions of the merchant’s bank to make purchases. 

Best WooCommerce Payment Gateways

1. Square

The main purpose of inventing this payment gateway is to help mid-sized corporate businesses accept credit card payments online. Square provides users with tangible point-of-sale (POS) devices to do the checkout processes easily by swiping credit cards.

The good thing about this payment gateway is that it has a dedicated dashboard to manage and handle all the functions easily. Moreover, it integrates with the top-notch WordPress plugins that will help you accept payment anywhere anytime.

Let’s have a look at them and see how they can help you. 

Stripe VS Square VS PayPal: Choosing Payment Gateway

1. WP EasyPay

It makes a perfect combination with Square to give a payment solution to all the WordPress websites. As we all know, WooComemrce is a leading eCommerce WordPress plugin; therefore, you can use WP EasyPay to embed it in your online store. 

What does it offer?
  •  It lets you create an improved form by using its default form builder.
  • Create single and multi-form layouts. 
  • Track your subscriptions and build reports. 
  • You have the power to stop or resume your subscription at any time according to your usage. 
  • Add multiple amount layouts to your forms for your customers. 
  • Integrate tags to your forms and emails. 
  • Embed the ‘Upload File’ option to your forms using the simple drag and drop functionality.
  • Display the date and time with the integration of the online calendar. 
  • Display your products in the table form. 
  • Increase and decrease the products. 
  • Support Sandbox OAuth feature. 
  • Download all your transaction reports with complete fields information. 
  • Shortcode Gutenberg facility. 

2. WooSquare

The name defines itself. It is made to provide payment solutions to the WooCommerce stores for accepting payments online from every corner of the world. Furthermore, it lets you manage your product inventory, orders, refunds, and customer details. 

What does it offer?
  • It automatically synchronizes your WooCommerce products to the Square dashboard. 
  • It enables you to edit your synchronizations. 
  • It helps you manage your products’ refunds using Square. 
  • It allows you to accept payments using Google Pay & Apple Pay to accept Square. 
  • It supports Sandbox V2 API to allow experts to test the transactions. 

3. Square with Gravity Forms  

It is the integration of the Square payment solution with gravity forms. This plugin helps you accept payments through your forms. Whether the payment is simple or recurring, let’s check its amazing features.

  • Process simple and recurring payments. 
  • Notify the admin and user through email once the transaction is performed. 
  • The transaction is displayed in both gravity form and square account. 
  • You can save your card details for future use. 
  • Card authorization feature for not becoming a hunt for frauds. 
  • Do the payment refunds automatically and manually. 
  • You can create multi-step forms. 
  • Users have the power to enable Apple Pay and Square Gift Card. 
  • Build transaction notes under 60 characters.

2. PayPal

PayPal is the popular payment gateway broadly used by the individual, teams, and companies to send and accept payments worldwide. However, PayPal is not available in specific regions. But, it is overall a preferable payment solution for everyone to make the secure and fastest transaction at any time anywhere. 

  • Provide your confidential financial information without any risk.
  • Get a full refund if any discrepancy occurs.
  • It is faster, simpler, and easier to use. 
  • Make transactions for online purchases, pay your bills, and transfer payments to your clients with just one click.
  • It is the best solution for freelancers as well. 

Wrapping Up! 

That would be all. We have discussed the best WordPress WooCommerce payment gateways for your online store. Go through each of them, and you will have a solution. 

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