Can You Wear a Leather Jacket in the Cold?

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Can you wear a leather jacket in the winter? This is one of those questions I get asked a lot, usually by men. They seem to think that since they live in the country, it would make sense to wear something a little more warm than the average sweater. But they are wrong.

Jackets & Sweaters

jennikayne promo code is the first thing to understand is that jackets and sweaters do not go together in the winter. Leather is supposed to keep its shape, not be stuffy like cotton or wool. A coat is meant to keep you toasty warm, not damp and uncomfortable. This is also the reason that snowsuits are not ideal for the winter. Snowsuits make you sweat, which is not what you want when trying to work outside in the cold.

This brings us to the question, can you wear a leather jacket in the winter? Yes, but only if you know how to take care of it. You do not want to damage your jacket so understanding how to care for it is vital.

Woman in Black Full-zip Jacket

Weather Conditions

If you have a leather jacket, it is essential to protect it from harsh weather conditions. To do this, wipe the coat down with a damp cloth once or twice a year. Avoid getting the water on the jacket as this will make the leather stiff. If you live where it snows, this is even more important.

Waterproof Leather Jackets

When you wipe down your leather jacket, make sure to get rid of all of the water accumulated on it. Waterproof leather jackets do not stay waterproof, so make sure to remove any water that gets on them. If you use a detergent to clean off the water, you may end up staining the leather. Always try to avoid soap as much as possible because this could stain out your leather.

Once the jacket has gotten dry, you can apply some conditioner. Most leather conditioners are pretty mild and can be found at any store selling winter gear. Before using a conditioner, you should make sure that you get a recommended product for use on the jacket. Also, keep in mind that a poorly maintained jacket will lose its integrity in winter. A good conditioner will help keep the coat looking new for many seasons.

Good Idea

Can you wear a leather jacket in the winter? With the proper care, you should be able to keep your coat looking new for a very long time. If you have kids in the family, remember to have them take their coats off when skiing or snowboarding so that they do not get their clothes dirty. It is also a good idea to store coats in the closet when they are not being worn. Then, you can use them later to help you cope during the cold months.


The best part about wearing a jacket in the winter is that you do not have to spend a lot of money buying one. Jackets are relatively cheap, and you can find a great leather jacket if you spend just a bit of time searching. You may also want to consider adding a few extra buttons to the coat so that you can easily remove them without taking them off. Leather jackets usually have buttons all over them, which makes them very difficult to take off. This way, you can be sure that the coat stays in place all winter long.

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