How do I make a bowling ball curl (hook)?

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A sliding game (often called a pick-up) of a bowling ball can be one of the most spectacular shots in the game.

While catching the ball is usually more complicated than spinning or throwing it straight, the most common style used by pros is because of the power and twist it creates.

Making hooks has different results depending on the strength and the bowling ball. Some crochet balls reach a very small loop (2-5 tables) and a more dramatic hook seems to be thrown around the square before returning to the center. The basic technique is the same in all cases.

Bowling ball

The type of hook available largely depends on the type of bowling ball used. While bowls with a household ball (usually polyester or plastic) have a hook of some sort, this is too boring and difficult to repeat.

Use a ball made of reaction resin or particles to speed up the release of the hook. Jet resin bullets start at about $ 100 and continue, although some bullets and particles can cost a few hundred dollars.

Jet balls have a porous surface designed to grip the ground and provide the traction provided by the track oil needed to fold the ball. Plastic balls are much harder and softer than reactive balls, so they do not have the same traction.

If you have a reactive ball, the next step is to drill the holes according to the size of your finger. Use your finger instead. Take your ball to a professional store and have an expert measure your hand and practice with the ball. Most stores offer free exercises to buy a ball.

Master the technique

If you have been playing volleyball at a decent level for the rest of your life, your approach and mistakes should be almost the same as in the past. Remember, you have time to do your footwork and swing well, keep your shoulders forward, keep your arms fully extended during the pendulum, so focus on letting go.

How to Hook a Bowling Ball |Ten Pin Bowling Tips | Ten Pin Bowling

To create revolutions you have to do a lot of things to liberate.

  1. Hold the bowling ball on your thumb
  2. Raise with your fingers
  3. Turn your hand and left hand left (right to left)

It is important to learn to relax the thumb at the release position. The thumb should first release the ball so that both bowling fingers control the hook hook. Raising, rotating and, above all, promoting accuracy.

The next step is really where the revolutions are taking place. Of course, when you let the ball out, you will have to clap your fingers when you let the ball out. The moment you feel your thumb letting the ball in when you start raising your fingers. Try to feel and raise the ball with your finger as you prepare to release it.

The last step goes hand in hand with the previous step. As you lift your fingers, turn your left hand and left hand to perform the hand shake. Keep straightening the ball, and make sure you keep it in the same position to avoid injury.

A great way to practice this technique is to play tennis. You are creating an inadequate spiral with your wear; and if you were right just go and jump sharply to the side.

General information

The crochet ball takes a lot of practice. Imagine moving your head and try again and again without the ball. The big bowls start with small spins before moving on to more dramatic hooks. The steeper the curve, the more energy is generated, but the risks are also greater. In the end, it is much better to achieve consistency than to look good.

How do you throw a bowling ball with your finger?

The great thing about finger bowls is the crochet you can make with them. Loving high-tech bowls, this great shot throws the ball into the pins with more control and speed than a normal ball can pick up. PBA Baby Bowl – PBA idol, powerful pitcher Mark Roth inspired the teenager to develop a deadly bent hook that gave him a 15-year-old male competition. “I knew what I wanted to do,” he recalls. . “I loved sports. I loved winning and I thought I could be the best in my game.” Weber drove a whopping 300 in his first men’s race.

Step 1

Grab your top-rated bowling ball with your finger. Push your thumb against your thumb. Insert your middle finger and ring into the finger holes so that the joints of the first finger are just covered with a ball.

2nd stage

Hold the weight of the ball in the other hand. Slide your palm slightly behind the ball.

step 3

Roll the ball forward in the back. Keep your thumb to guide and support the ball. Bend your wrist slightly as you move the ball.

Step 4

Push the ball forward. Turn it briefly a fourth turn with the palm of your hand before releasing it. Turn it to the right if you are throwing with the left hand and to the left if you are throwing with the right hand. The thumb should be placed next to the ball just before birth.

Step 5

Release the ball first with your thumb, then with your fingers while your hand is still close to the ball. It is the movement that causes the ball to spin and lock it in place. If your thumb is over the ball while you are breastfeeding, you are waiting a long time. The ball cuts the ground too abruptly and destroys your hook if you expect your thumb to be on the ball.

Step 6

When you release the ball, increase the swing motion and move on.

Step 7

Watch the track of your ball as it moves along the course. If you haven’t spun the ball enough, it probably won’t be useful. If you bend it too hard, it will quickly cut the slot without hitting the pins.

Step 8

Practice adjusting the speed of your finger until you bend the ball further and get the desired results.

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