Is Koko Prime Better Than Caliburn G?

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What is the best headset to buy if you want to stay in touch with your friends while exercising? Is the Koko Prime worth the money? Many people have already bought this fitness equipment and have shared their experiences with others on various websites and blogs dedicated to fitness equipment. Here are some of the pros and cons that most people have cited about the Koko Prime. In this review, I will try to explain more about Koko and try to provide a detailed comparison between the two fitness appliances. The first thing that most people will notice about the Koko Vape is that it looks very similar to the original Caliburn G from the market. Instead of replacing the interchangeable coils, the Caliburn Koko Prime utilizes the same dual Coil system used in the Caliburn G by Koko. It has a 2-ml liquid capacity, an output of 1500 watts, and a six ninety-eight-volt battery. Like its counterpart, the Koko Prime offers two-year warranty period.

Airflow Control System

Koko has added a new dimension to the workout by implementing an advanced technology called the airflow control system. This technology was first introduced in the original Caliber Opti-fit system which determines how the resistance level goes. However, the new system allows you to adjust resistance depending on how tired or energetic you are and the type of workout you are doing. There is also a foot pedal that lets you adjust the resistance while performing your cardio workout. There is no need for a dumbbell or any other equipment because everything is included in the unit.

Resistance Region

The resistance range of the Koko prime is sixty-five to seven hundred and fifty degrees. The foot pedal allows you to adjust between one and five degrees of resistance. The main advantage of this is that you can perform a full-body workout in just a matter of minutes. However, even if you are not going for a full-body workout, the built-in cardio pod makes it possible for you to work your entire body for more than thirty minutes.

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Balance Recumbent System

The other advancement that the new koko prime pod system is worth applauding is the inclusion of the Smart Balance Recumbent System. You know what I mean; the pod won’t let you sit down! But the good thing is that this unit does make sure that you can stand up with ease. The Smart Balance Recumbent System features a remote control that lets you easily change the angles of the seat and adjust the resistance of the unit. With these two features, you can definitely work out without feeling like you are in pain.

Is Koko Prime Better Than Caliburn G?

The answer is YES. If you were to compare the weight and the battery capacity of the two units, you will definitely see that the weight of Koko Prime is much lighter than the caliburn koko. This makes it easier for you to carry around. It is also compatible with many electric vehicles such as golf carts, motorcycles, and scooters, making it more convenient for you to use. If you were looking for an all-in-one gym, then you would probably pick Caliburn G since the features are more advanced. However, if you want something that will give you better workout results and give you more convenience, then you may want to go with Koko Prime. The reason why the product has more features is that it uses high quality, replaceable coils. Replacement coils make it possible to change the resistance level for a more customized workout experience.


The difference between the two is that Caliburn G uses replaceable springs. With Koko Prime, you do not have to replace the springs because they are replaceable. In addition, you do not have to worry about cables getting loose and having to connect new connectors, because this unit has all of these features and is a.

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