Ten things to know about buying a used car

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In addition to having a budget and being mentally prepared for the possible repair costs, it is recommended that you understand the source of the car when buying a car, and avoid buying a car that is soaked or stolen. Not only are there a lot of problems, but it may even be a legal problem. The following is for you to sort out the precautions for buying second-hand vehicles, for your reference, and reduce the probability of buying problem cars.

1. Try to buy a car from a middle-aged car dealer

Because if there is any dispute after buying a car, the purchase at that car dealership can provide the police immediately, and vice versa; once the transfer of the ownership of the car on the roadside or on the Internet newspaper is completed, the mobile phone is mostly out of service and belongs to the “prepaid” “Card-shaped door numbers” are mostly, making it difficult to track down. Check online platform lepaskunci.com.my

2. Check carefully when buying a car

Check in detail whether the relevant vehicle registration certificate information, the year of production of the relevant parts and the model match, and verify the original owner and the state of use of the vehicle, to avoid buying a resurrection vehicle (vehicles with modified engine numbers).

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3. The transfer letter asks for fingerprints as much as possible

The car sale letter asks the seller not to use a seal as much as possible, and if possible, ask for fingerprints as much as possible. If there are problems afterwards, the police can quickly find out the seller’s true identity based on the fingerprints and prove his innocence.

4. Read more relevant vehicle information on weekdays

Professional knowledge (such as the serial number of the engine number, the position of the body number, etc.) to prevent the purchase of a vehicle with a legal registration. Check online platform like lepaskunci.com.my and car like proton persona.

5. Check whether the delivered key is the original factory key

If the key is not the original factory key, when it is a duplicate key, you should be vigilant and understand the reason to prevent the other party from waiting for the opportunity to steal and steal your car. If possible, replace the lock with a new one, or install a strong anti-theft lock or anti-theft device.

6. Verify the person selling the vehicle

If it is possible to verify whether the person who sold the vehicle has this address, this person, and whether the contact information left is correct. In addition, the police have found common criminals selling “Southern vehicles to the north” and “Northern vehicles to the south”, so you should know the original owner. The reason why the car is parked here for sale. In platform like lepaskunci.com.my you can contact to dealer easily check best car for buying purpose like naza citra

7. Don’t have a greedy attitude

This is because vehicles of various brands and years have certain selling prices and prices on the market. If the price gap is too large, you must be careful. The gains outweigh the losses.

8. Buying a used car may exceed the budget if it needs to be overhauled

I believe that if you have a friend who buys a used car, you will inevitably hear your friends complain about buying a cheap car, but the cost of repairing is also quite high. It is recommended that consumers who want to buy a car should understand the need for repair and maintenance when buying a car, avoid buying a car but not being able to get on the road right away, and the money invested in repairs is not lower than the price of the purchased car, and it takes time and time. money.

9. Think of a budget and do your homework

In addition to the cost of repairing a car, it is also recommended that when you buy a car, you must think about your “target car”, including budget and requirements (including two-seater or four-seater, vehicle type, horsepower Etc.), and then start to research the price range on the Internet, and also to the scene of the used car store, to negotiate with the business, and so on.

10. New car discount space to inform you

If you want to plan a budget when buying a car, you must have an understanding of the discount space of individual brand new cars in the second-hand market, so you don’t know how to start.

According to understanding, when a new car is transferred to the second-hand market, the depreciation amount will be calculated according to the car’s condition. The discount rate for the first year is about 15-20% of the purchase price. The reason for the high discount rate is that licensed cars will disrupt the market. ; And the second year discount is 30%, the third year discount is 40%, the fourth and fifth years have passed the original warranty period, which will have a great impact on the maintenance of the mileage, so it needs to be more than 5 per year. 8% discount space and the car price has been discounted in half since the sixth year, and there will be a discount rate of about 5% according to the age of the car.

The above discount rates are provided for your reference if you want to buy a second-hand car. You may choose the second-hand car you want according to your budget and whether you care about the warranty period of the original manufacturer. The car age is three years or five years, which is a very cost-effective choice.

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