What is The Most Common Dental Emergency?

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Are you in Leicester? Do you know what the most common dental emergencies are? Are you prepared for them? You might be surprised to find that there are many different kinds of dental emergencies, which can happen almost anywhere. Here is what you need to know about your own Emergency Dentist in Leicester.

Most Common Dental Emergency

One of the most common dental emergencies is a toothache. As long as your gums are healthy, you should have little trouble getting a toothache relieved. Usually a toothache will go away in a short amount of time if you apply warm heat or ice to the area and hold it there for a few minutes. If you visit your dentist, he might be able to relieve you of your toothache by giving you an antibiotic or by using an antiseptic cream.

Dentist Working Working on Woman's Teeth

Pulled Tooth

Another common emergency is a pulled tooth. This is usually caused by trauma or improper care when brushing. If the teeth have been damaged or if the enamel on the teeth has been worn off too much, it can cause your teeth to become dislodged. You might notice a small black spot on the surface of your teeth, or a loose tooth. If your dentist cannot remedy the problem, he might recommend that you have some dental work done.

Is Bleeding An Emergency?

Bleeding can also be a sign of an emergency. If you are bleeding from a wound in your mouth or from some other kind of open wound, talk to your emergency dentist Leicester before it gets any worse. You may have some gum infection or severe sores that are bleeding. These require antibiotics to treat them, and you need to take these seriously. Once they are taken care of, you should start drinking through a straw, use ice compresses, and apply a cold compress as soon as you can to help relieve the bleeding.

Some people experience a toothache when they brush in the morning. In these cases, your dentist will usually recommend that you either rinse your mouth thoroughly with a mouthwash that contains fluoride, or that you simply continue to brush your teeth thoroughly until your toothbrush no longer brings a toothache. There are several different kinds of toothpaste and toothpastes available for purchase at most drug stores, and your dentist will likely prescribe one for you. Ask him or her what brand he or she would recommend.

Painkillers will generally not be necessary if your dentist has recommended that you rinse your mouth thoroughly with fluoride mouthwash. The painkillers will, however, make you feel better while you wait for your dentist to finish cleaning your teeth. It is very important to ask your dentist about what painkillers he or she would recommend and if they have any side effects or how to avoid the risk of them. There are also some painkillers available that work by numbing the gums, but not really treating the gum.

If you experience a toothache while traveling to work or school, or even while you are home with your children, make sure to call us at (800) 925-DENT. We can come to your home or office, find out if you need any dental treatment, and then give you an appointment to come in for your next visit. This is the best way for you to be able to keep your teeth healthy and prevent cavities from occurring, especially since our offices never perform any major dental work. You will no longer have to worry about wondering when you might need emergency dental care.


Dentists today specialize in providing emergency care in a variety of different situations, including tooth pain. Most of our emergency services are covered by insurance so you do not have to worry about out-of-pocket fees or be concerned about losing coverage because of an emergency. As long as you have a dentist you can go to for major dental emergencies, you should contact us at (800) 925-DENT. Dentists like Dr. Hanan have seen it all during his 40 plus years of practicing, so rest easy knowing that he will treat your emergency dental problems with the utmost professionalism and care.


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